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February 11th, 2006, 02:44 PM
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man that really sucks my hubby tried the same thing so i changed my my name from (#$$%^^%) well what it was at one time on here to lilmamaw2 and now he has no clue what to look under works out for me and him cuz now he dont look and now i dont get mad at him for looking so anyways good luck and i hope every thing works out oh and him working thoes long and strange shift that will all work out my hubby woks from 9pm-9-10am and it took a while to get down at firs but a month after Dillon was born we had the perfect routine down i was the one who got up and down with him all night and so i needed sleep too well he'd come home and take care of Dillon till 1-2pm i had to pump of course and make sure their was enough but it worked out great i got my sleep and was more than ready to take care of my lil guy when i got up and jimmy got all of his sleep before he had to go to work and got to spend some one on one time with his son he said it was scary at first but it made him feel good that i trusted him enough to leave our baby with him alone for thoes hours in the morning now at first he'll wake you up every 2seconds omg..what do i do now omg...he's doing this what dose that mean omg...why is he's crying and then about a week later after all that my hubby was a pro and to this day we still have that routine it's great Dillon gets his much needed daddy time and i get my much needed rest (i'm 8m preg.) then when i get up Dillons worn out and takes a nap and i get to watch soaps it's great!!!!! i wouldn't want it any other way!!!!! so good luck and hay, things will be fine and work out great cuz i felt the same way you do and to my suprize every things been perfect!!!!! so i have pretty good feeling that it'll work out fine for you two!!!!!
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