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February 11th, 2006, 04:04 PM
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i went to the hos. yesterday it's not my water or me peeing they said that she's "gearing down for the big day" and that the more activity i do the more that stuff will come out (cuz i already lost my plug) and so to protect her from germs this stuff is produced so in other words for the next 7wks (if she stays in that long) i get to deal with this nasty leeky stuff and her head in my croch which by the way hurts really bad and her but in my ribs (she's a big baby they said she can come in march even though i'm not due till april 3, ) and feet that i sware sometimes she is trying to littlary stick them out my side it totally freaks my husband and me out our son never did that but any ways thing are great and thanks for all of your support and conserns!!!! it just feels really good to know that she's ok and BIG but most importent she's ok they said right now she's at the ideal size and muturity that if she was born she would do great on her own so that was really good to hear and took care of alot of the fears i was having about her being born eirly but she's 5 1/5 lbs and i still have 7wks left so she'll be big like my lil Dillon was (8 1/2 lbs) so she'll probably be exactly what her big brother was so that makes me feel good i'm just so happy that she's doing so good!!!
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