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February 11th, 2006, 11:11 PM
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wow. well, hello my name is jenny and i'm an alcoholic and an addict. so i know about doing things under the influence that you would never do normally.
i'd say it's a good sign that he knows and still wants to be this baby's daddy either way. sure if the baby is born and is obviously not his, there could be a lot of second thoughts and a huge adjustment period. but there are men who make that adjustment. my ex-dh's step brother married a girl who was pregnant by someone else. she didn't cheat on him, she was pregnant already when they got together, but he still married her and even though they split about ten minutes later, he still signed the birth cerificate as the baby's father even though everybody knew it wasn't true and he is still very involved with "his" little girl, even though he can't even look at her mother anymore and a third party drops the kid off with him and picks her up. not quite the same situation, i know, and definatly not the ending you are hoping for, but i hope it helps just a little bit. . .
talk to your hubby. sometimes it help to hear it just one more time that everything is okay and he still loves you. especially when pregnant.
my thoughts and prayers are with you. . . good luck
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