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February 12th, 2006, 10:03 AM
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I'm with lilmamaw on this one. I am a true believer in instinct. I recently left me finace because of his drinking. We would have these discussions about his drinking, he would tell me he was going to slow down or even stop. Then the phone would ring and just like you, I would get that pit in my stomach that would me feel sick. Since we had agreed he would slow down and I would try and trust him, I thought I would show him I was holding up my end of the deal. So I would 'trust' him. Sure enough, he would come home wasted trying to convince me that he had only had two or three. The thing is it wasn't all of his friends I did not trust him with, it was just the one who I know encourage him to have more and more. It was only his friends that I knew needed someone to drink with. For a while he was doing soooo well, but I always had had this feeling that it wasn't going to last. Sure enough, the phone rang, and it didn't. Do you know what I am trying to say. Anyway, the bottom line whatever you gut is telling you, go with it. If you need more help let us know.
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