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February 12th, 2006, 10:40 AM
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I can't really relate to your situation, but I can relate to doing something because you were either under the influence or extremely piping mad. Obviously your bf is extremely understanding about why you did what you did. As far as discussing your fear with him, I honestly dont know what to tell you. I would be exactly where you are with it. I really dont know what I would say or how to do it. All I can tell you is if it is eating you up that badly and you are losing sleep over it, maybe you need to find some courage and talk to him about how you fear it may not be his. As goofy as it sounds take out the calendar and explain it to him technically. I mean, an egg generally is not fertalized until two weeks after your cycle has started. "Confusing, isn't it? But the first day of the last menstrual period is the day from which experts date the start of pregnancy. Ovulation won't take place for another two weeks, so look for Week 3 to be the week you might conceive your baby. " That is from I really hope this helps. You may need to look at the calendar yourself before you talk to him and think really hard about things.
One last thing, don't let your fears and insecurities be what drives you apart.
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