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February 12th, 2006, 09:35 PM
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i asked him way back when this all came out if he would get a pat. test and he said no he won't cuz he considers the baby his either way but i think i'm gonna talk to him in the morning when he gets home from work cuz this is really bothering me we've already went out and bought her a car seat (it's pink!!!) and a pack-n-play and a swing and a crib and a bouncer(it's pink!!!) and a lot of clothes that so much actually that i don't know if she'll be able to wear all of them so we kinda went overboard on her already so maybe i'm just over reacting cuz why would he spend so much money on her if he didn't want to take care of her like his own and he keeps talking about my daughter this.... and my baby girl that.......and we we're at the BABY R US store the other day and he wouldn't let me pick any thing out for her he said it was his turn to choose that daddy get's to pick out something for her now so maybe i should just let it be not worrie bout it so much cuz he is really involved and everything i guess i'm just worried that he might act different if shes not his but i could be wrong it's just that it's so close to her being here i'm getting worried neither of us has even told any one else that this lil girl could possiable not be jimmys maybe thats what i'm worried about what every one will say to him to hurt his feelings if she's not his and then i don't know what to say to him in that sitiuation all i know is he's excited about Alexa (baby girl) and i hope no one tries to take that from him i think that's when he might change his mind about being so involved and i don't know i'm just worrid and maybe i don't really have a reason to worrie so i think i'll try to forget about all this stuff untill i actually happenes cuz i've had sex with my husband a million and one times compared to the one time that it happened with the other guy so it's probably my husbands anyways and i shouldn't worrie well thanks once again for listening wish me luck!!!
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