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December 25th, 2008, 07:16 AM
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Her appt was normal (if such a thing!)

She had her EKG while watching Nick Jr (LOL). Thank god for that because she was in a "I DON'T WANT TO SEE MY DOCTOR" mood. They also had crayons and papers in the room which was a life saver while waiting for the doctor to come in. She did her echo - and was excellent! One of the clinic owners or website dude's asked if he could take a picture for their website since they typically do not get children Hailey's age that cooperate for the ultrasound. She laid there the entire time watching Baby Einstein. I have been trying to find it on their website - but no luck yet. I'm so proud of Hailey. She was such a good girl event hough she said she didn't want to see her doctor.

She's got aortic stenosis - and we found out shortly after birth and have been monitoring since. So this was just her normal visit. Last April, her valve had an increase in pressure so we came back in 9 months instead of a year. It wasn't a significant jump in pressure but enough for a bit of concern. Well, the good news is that the pressure and everything else is the same. Her heart is functioning normally and has no signs or symptoms of added stress or anything. So she's considered "asymptomatic." So we got back in a year. OF course the doctor always throws in, it could remain like this for a long time - or it could change drastically over night." She's got no limitations on activities, but if she's got physical symptoms (sweating abnormally, shortness of breath, etc) then we need to be concerned.

I meant to ask her doctor if he thought doing one of the diets intended for people at risk of heart attack/stroke would be beneficial. My family has a history of heart issues I've come to find out. And since the pressure increased that one time, I think it has had a lot to do with our diets. Also if heart attack/stroke are related to build up of crap in the valves and such - it makes sense to reduce the chance of build up as much as possible. From my understanding, their is some calcification issues with the 3rd leaflet -- but typically build up in the valve over time is what causes the pressure to rise. Am I totally off base, or is there some logic? With obesity, diabetes rates it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to follow one of the heart healthy kinda diets. I'm just not sure if it'd be good for a child to follow it. I'll have to do some more research for sure. I've just done a little bit right now.
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