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February 13th, 2006, 07:43 AM
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I can totally understand how you feel. I was in that same situation only I waited to late to tell my ex husband. We were 17 (me) and 19 when we got married and I was off at school. During that time he had started hanging out more and was never at home when I called him and I got so mad that I started hanging out with other guys at the school. I met this one guy and we hooked a couple of times and then I went home for th holidays and spent that time with my boyfriend. I got pregnant and realized that there was a possibity of it not being his. Although he said it was okay with hime his mother ended up ruining our relationship. we ended up getting a paternity test and it was not his baby. I got the paternity test after he died( he was schizophrenic) and I got the test afterwards to his mom persisitence. Needless to say she has not called or asked to see him since the reslts came back. I know that if he had been here we would have been okay and would have dealt with this but its okay becaue his mom never really liked me anyway. she told him that I was the type of girl who would get pregnant( what does that mean). But Dont let anyone tear you apart if the results should say otherwise, okay??? If he loves you and is willing then dont let anyone including family his or yours say anything to put doubt or mistrust in his mind. If you and he need counsleing to resolve feeling that may arise that is between you two. If you ever want to talk you can pm me

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