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December 26th, 2008, 09:14 PM
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I just stumbled on this board tonight!! Don't know why i hadn't seen it before! i have a son who is almost 3 and I have battled eczema with him from practically day one of his life. One summer it was so hot and dry he broke out head to toe. I can't believe how many times i slathered him up with hydrocortizone cream and now I realize that it probably was never necessary. In my efforts to become more "green" in my life I started to learn about SLS, sodium laurel sulfate. also can go by sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate??'s in just about any soap, detergent, shampoo........everything!!! I have started using natural soaps that I have either bought from or things like Dr. Kirks bought off amazon. I also started using SLS free shampoo which they now carry at walmart and target even. The stuff is popping up everywhere! So this stuff is SLS free and WOW!! Let me just say it has made a world of difference in my families skin health. As well as others I know personally. I'm so happy I found this board because I really want to possiblly help others too! My husband has suffered from psoriosis, (I can't spell to save my life LOL) on his scalp his entire life as well as dry skin., we both have had bouts with eczema. My kids have had continuing cradle cap and my son horrible dry skin and eczema. Since taking the SLS out of our lives I have just been amazed. Husbands scalp problems are GONE! My son's skin has improved so much!!!! Both kids have no more flaking on their scalps and my own itchy flaky scalp and skin have cleared up. All the soaps and perscriptions advised by the doctors to me for myself and my kids.......all along it was so simple. I really wish health care professionals would get a clue about this stuff. Anyway, I wanted to share my personal experience and hopefully help some of you too!!! Like I said, I'm new, never been here before so maybe this has been brought up already, but if not, I wanted to share.

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