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February 13th, 2006, 10:53 AM
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I'm a 20 year old single mom and I have one child, my little girl Autumn, who is 2 and a half now. Her father and I aren't together but lo and behold one night decided to go at it for some stupid reason. That was January 22nd, and my period started on January 26th or the 28th, I know it was definately one of those two days. He wore a condom, and my period started, so I figured I wouldn't worry about it. Well now it's February 13th and it's 22 days later and every sign there is is telling me that I'm pregnant. I'm exhausted, and I can normally run off of 4 or 5 hours of sleep easily, lately my body wont stand for less than 8. I'm a smoker and my cigarettes taste really different, almost sickening, and yesterday morning I woke up and my ankles were swollen. All of the odds are against it. We used protection, I started my period. I could be tired because I dont get enough sleep. My cigarettes could taste nasty because lets face it, cigarettes are nasty. My ankles could be swollen because... well I don't know why my ankles could be swollen, never had that happen to me unless I was pregnant. And I have until the 28th to wait and see if I miss my period. But all of those things together, it's just so scary. Has anybody ever gotten pregnant under these same or similar circumstances? What do you think my chances are? At this point in time I could probably take a pregnancy test but I haven't worked up the courage yet. If you have been through this or something like this or know of someone who has and you have advice please give me some, I would greatly appreciate it.

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