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February 13th, 2006, 04:20 PM
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Just because you don't worry about those things doesn't mean you're a bad mom. You may just have found a sense of calmness about things out of your control (miscarriage, still born babies...) which is something most of us aren't nearly lucky enough to find. Why worry about something that's out of your hands right?
I on the other hand was worried sick (and I mean SICK) about miscarriage when I first found out I was preggers. I thought of the baby every single second of the day, and wondered "omg! ARe you still alive in there!!" and prayed all the time that my baby would survive the riskiest part of pregnancy.
When your little one comes, you'll find all sorts of things to worry about, but for now enjoy the fact that you're not a worry wart like the rest of us!
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