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February 13th, 2006, 05:44 PM
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My gums have been bleeding pretty much my whole pregnancy! Talk about EW! And how imbarassing when you're brushing your teeth in front of your hunny!! The first few times it happened, I was like "Honey, I SWEAR I don't have a gum disease!! It's pregnancy related!!"

What I'm doing now is brushing the way they teach you in school when you're like 6 or whatever! It takes a lot longer but I've found it helps. Instead of brushing sideways, I brush downward on my top teeth, and upward on my bottom teeth. I do it gently but thoroughly and always brush my tongue last because that's where most of the yucky bacteria is and if you brush your teeth after your tongue you're just spreading around the yuckies and maybe making it worse!

Hope this helps!! It helps me!
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