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February 13th, 2006, 06:36 PM
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I was a birth control pill NAZI!!!! Every day at 3pm my cell alarm rang and I would take it...EVERYDAY!!! Never late taking it! And wouldn't ya know it! Half way in my cycle I started complaining about this tugging feeling in my tummy (said it was an alien! who would have thought I was right??!!). And my AF was like clockwork on the pill too so when I was even one day late, I started to worry, and funny enough, I didn't think I was pregnant...I thought it was more likely that I had like cervical cancer or something extreme that was making me miss my period...but four days late came around and I tested just in case, and OMG! Positive!!! AHHH I couldn't be happier about it now, though...The minute it read positive , I was like WOOHOOO! Even though it was the worst timing in my life!! hehe

All this to say, YES!! Anthing can happen! Condom or no condom, bc pill or none! Wait until you're late though, you'll probably get a better reading.
Good luck!!!
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