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February 14th, 2006, 01:43 AM
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Well I just went through a scary situation, I have almost 9 months old baby girl, and I thought I was prego again, cuz I had my period on October 15th2005 and it was soooo light....and then I hadnt got it for along time, it was now like end of november so I thought Iwas prego, so I took a test it was negative.
And then I was like okay ill wait. now january came along and still no sign, and i was too scared to go to the doc. So I took another test, it was negative again. And now FINALLY FEB 1st I had got my period, and it was sooooooo long and yucky! But ###### i was sooo scared, I hadnt had my period in ages...and I still dont know why I had missed it for almost 4 months. See how scary is that for me? hehehhe

dont worry it could just be something, dont ask me what, cuz I dont know LOL!

Let us know hun
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