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January 2nd, 2009, 07:25 AM
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Here is a link to a perinatal pathologist. God forbid any of us should have a m/c again!!! But, if it happens, and you agree to have a D&C, you can request a paraffin block sample of the placenta be prepared & ship it off to Dr. Salafia should you want a tissue study done. Our HMO agreed to do a karyotype but not a tissue study, since that's a very specialty field apparently and only a handful of doctors do this. Carolyn Salafia is one of them. She doesn't charge an arm and leg either.

Here is a link to Dr. Salafia's web site:

9 blessings - sorry to hear about your miscarriages If your doctor thinks baby aspirin isn't enough, you could take Lovenox. It's very expensive though. Hopefully you can get insurance to cover it should you take it. I tried taking Lovenox for my last pgcy, which I started CD6 I believe. However it made me bleed badly after implantation & continued until the doctor took me off the Lovenox early in the 1st trimester. This stopped the bleeding 100%. So now I am stuck with over $3000 worth of Lovenox... Lovenox anyone? I continued with the aspirin however, and for whatever reason ended up with a successful pgcy. But I don't think clotting issues were my problem. I did LIT, chiropractic, acupuncture, changed my diet to eat every 2 hours to stabilize my blood sugar, all of which was to help deactivate my over-active immune system. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at my infertility! I have no idea if any of it helped, though I think it did since all this cured my chronic urticaria which is a symptom of thyroid disease, another immune issue. Once I stopped all that it came back. We did PGD as well which was likely the #1 reason we were successful.

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