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January 4th, 2009, 11:26 AM
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Hi Everyone,

My name is Susan Goodknight and I'm a wife to Justin for 11 years now and mother to 3 children. We have 2 N.T. children Hunter and Trinity. Hunter will be 7 in March and Trinity will be 4 in February.

Blake is our special boy! He will be 9 in March.

Blake has severe SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) with Autistic Traits as well as EVAS (enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome) that causes deafness in most cases. Fortunately he only has EVAS in his right ear but currently has 90% loss and requires the use of an aid. Aside from this he has also been diagnosed with Global Developmental delays with Expressive Speech and Language Disorder.

Though he is nearly 9yrs of age he only comprehends that of a 7 year old. He is in Special Education and is doing wonderful since being placed there mid last year. He has a wonderful teacher who honestly has a true gift for teaching the special needs.

I'm looking forward to getting to know many of the other special needs mommies on here because if you are anything like me you can always talk about your special child.

My 2 N.T. children are wonderful! Hunter because of his brotherís issues is so kind to others with needs as well. He is the child who makes it a point to play and protect others with needs. He is our wild child though! Nothing like Blake as Hunter is very outgoing and loves to be a stunt boy!

Trinity is our pink angel. She was our blessing after we were told we could have no more. She has completed this family. She is such a girl though! So different than her brothers.

Ok, sorry for rambling! We'll chat soon.
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