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January 6th, 2009, 03:02 PM
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Ok so I havent updated in ages!! Thanks for looking Pamala! Anyways, I just wanted to post my Fitness assessment and some new pictures that I took this week! Now I can really start keeping track of the inches and lbs etc....YAY!!!!

Done on 1/6/09 @ 210lbs.

Body Fat %-- 38.5% is what my scale says...
Body Fat in Pounds (or Kilograms if that is how you weigh)-- (210 * .385)=80.85
Lean Body Mass--129.15
Wrist--7 and 7/8 in.
Forearm-- 11 in.
Bicep--14 and 1/8 in.
Neck-- 15 and 1/2 in.
Bust--42 and 5/8 in.
Waist--36 and 6/8 in.
Lower Abdominal--46 in.
Calf--17 and 1/2 in.

Cardiovascular Endurance Tests To be continued!! I have no way of measuring those today...but I do know aht I ran a mile in 9:23 sec. so I would guess I am in the good to fair range....

Three Minute Step Test--This test should only be done if you have no knee, back, or heart issues. If you have any of these issues, do the 12 Minute Walk/Run instead. For the 3 minute step test, you will need a step that is approximately 12 inches high. This is taller then a normal aerobic step, so you may not have access to one. I've found that 2 of my stairs at home measures 12 inches though, so check those before you give up and skip this test. Basically, you will step up and down for 3 minutes. I recommend doing a right leg lead for the first minute and a half and then a left leg lead for the last minute and a half so that you aren't overly sore on one side. At the end of the three minutes, you stop and take your pulse for a full minute. You will want to learn where you are most easily able to find your pulse before the test as you want to start counting your pulse within ten seconds of stopping the exercise. Classifications for the results on this test are as follows: Heart rate below 87 is excellent, Heart rate between 88 and 120 is good, Heart rate between 121 and 134 is fair, and Heart rate above 135 is poor.

Twelve Minute Walk/Run--Use this test if you can't do the Three Minute Step Test. Find a flat surface to walk or run that you know the distance of, like a high school track, or use a treadmill. Walk or run as fast as you can for 12 minutes. At the end of the 12 minutes, log how far you went in miles. Classifications for the results on this test are as follows: Distance of over 1.25 miles is excellent, distance of between 1.15 and 1.24 miles is good, distance of between 1 and 1.14 miles is fair, distance under 1 mile is poor.

Muscular Endurance Tests

Crunch Test--I got 58....apparently I am good at these! haha

Push Up Test--I got 24 pushups is all....UGH! haha

Flexibility Tests

Sit and Reach Test--19.5 in. is what I got so thats good to know...I knew that I would do alright at this test, since I have done it before!

Hip Joint and Inner Thigh Test--I was 7 in. so I am just fair...

Shoulder Reach Test--I am 8 and 7/8in. AHH!!! I have HORRIBLE flexibility there and always have! I have also had some shoulder issues with sports (I was an outside hitter in volleyball for 6 years, and then a pitcher/3rd baseman in softball) so I wonder if that isnt part of it...I have been told that I have tendonitis, but I am not sure if I really do!

Taken 1/5/[email protected]


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