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January 6th, 2009, 10:58 PM
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no... not yet... It was CD 23 (I say was 'cause it's close to midnight for me). My average cycle is 35, though my last cycle was 39 and the one before that was 30. So it's WAY early. I kind of wondered if maybe it was ovulation pains 'cause I've heard that happens. And I'm not 100% sure when or if I already did OV. Although, I have been taking that Fertile Aid supplement which is supposed to regulate cycles. So... i have no clue.

But the pain was definitely in the uterus area first and then I had another little one in the left ovary area. And it was just a couple of pains/cramping early on in the day and nothing to speak of the rest of the day.

The hard thing right now is not knowing/waiting. No matter what happens, it'll be cool though. I'd naturally be thrilled if we got that lucky that it happened this month. But if it doesn't, I get to try out my new toy (the fertility monitor. which will be a really good thing because I have no clue how long my "luteal phase" is and i'm hoping that this will clear it up some so I can put in more accurate information into sites like mymonthlycycles!)

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