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February 16th, 2006, 12:26 PM
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well my boyfriend has a 7 yo daughter from his exgirlfriend..back in november i found i was pregnant..boy was i shocked! was def unplanned but i love this baby more then life itself..anyways im always wanting to talk about baby things with my boyfriend to which im unable lastnight i wrote him an e-mail saying that i felt a hard bump in the stomach when i was laying down(just letting u no i am overweight not extremely but enough) i was so surprised and happy at the same time knowing that my baby is growing he e-mailes me back with nothing supportive involving the baby..the only thing that he has said was if it was a girl he likes the name hayley..he also said he feels really bad for his daughter about having another child..even if it was planned..he kinda gave me the impression that he never wanted to have any other kids and only his daughter..dont take it the wrong way..i would NEVER want his daughter to be hurt..hes just thinking that shes gonna be hurt..heck she might even be happy to have a new baby sister or i right about that or wrong? i no and understand that things are crazy..he works mornings and goes and spend time with her everyday then comes over here..he says he doesnt no how hes gonna do it with 2 kids in different places..i do feel bad about that but theres nothing i can do..i would not agree to an abortion and honestly if something ever happened to my baby i have a big feeling i would break up with him because he doesnt even act like he cares!...sorry for boring all of u!

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