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February 16th, 2006, 01:15 PM
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i am in a situation a little similiar. i think my SO feels bad for his 6 yr old son and that he is going to have to focus on another child and that will take away from his son being the end all be all.

i think the only thing we can do is wait for the baby to come, i think it will all work out. he'll be just as much in love with the new one. and it's nice to see someone who is so involved with their child, no matter how much it may disrupt our lives.

i hope his daughter wants a sibling. i know with my situation his son probably isn't goign to be too thrilled that he has to share his daddy. he's becoming more and more territorial with me anymore, i can just imagine when a new baby is here. thank god he only has his son every other weekend (i know that sounds awful, but it's how i feel).[/b]

my bf sees his daughter everyday...and trust me im happy he is so involved (im also happy yours is to) it shows that there great fathers but it makes it hard on us..he makes me feel like my baby isnt important enough and it wont matter to him as much as his daughter...she has 3 older siblings..2 are full grown and 1 is almost there..he never really said anything about him caring about her (his ex) daughter when him and her were having a new baby but i wish he would understand that he isnt the only one in this situation nor is his daughter..there are plenty of kids out there that have to share there fathers with other siblings..i dont see anything wrong with having a step brother or sister..its gonna happen sooner or i being mean and should i actually feel sorry for him? i dont no im sill all confused

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