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January 9th, 2009, 09:41 PM
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Thats not fair to your DSS or to your SO or to you for that matter. I kind of in the same boat but not with my DS sperm doner or anything cause shot he could care less if he see's DS he never calls or wants to see him anyways but DS sperm doner has a 3 year old son whos 9 months older than DS whom he doesnt see either and hasnt since he was a year old anyways his 3 years old mom has keep in touch with me so DS and his brother can keep in touch well in august for Ds birthday she let me take him for a few hours to my moms house which is right down the road from her house which she knew where that was to DS's 2 bday party everything went great and then she got PG and everything changed and she has stopped all contact with me and DS has not been able to see his brother... well DS is at the point where is always asking for his brother wheres he's at, wants to talk to him ect. and he cant he has even cryed for hours before going to bed cause he wants his brother. But my DF has tryed to tell him that we cant talk to him right now and have no idea why. but with him being 2 years old he doesnt understand. so im kinda in the same boat but not really.

Thats crazy that she is doing that cant you take her to court or something..

Im sorry you and your SO and Your DSS has to go through this.
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