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January 10th, 2009, 02:21 PM
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Tricare covers homebirths!!! There is a midwifery group not far from McGuire that does homebirths for women on both Tricare Standard and Tricare Prime. It is totally possible!

There are also birth centers in Philadelphia. I guess they aren't in network but you could ask them to be! It's just a matter of the midwives filling out paperwork. Heck - there are DEMs that have been covered by Tricare. I know of a traveling midwife who has gotten reimbursed by Tricare in NJ and is willing to do HBACs.

There are no cost shares for maternity while on Tricare Standard. There ARE cost shares for everything else but they aren't terrible. I think the cap is $1000 for the year but it might be different depending on rank. You will not pay anything to have a baby with Tricare Standard. But you can't switch back to Prime for a year.

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