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January 10th, 2009, 06:04 PM
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Kal quit but I didn't. I tried and I failed. O well.[/b]
Never say it's too late. You didn't fail, you didn't want to really quit, there's a difference. I know for me, when I REALLY, I mean REALLY wanted to quit, I did it. But the times before, when I'd say "I'm quitting" & then a week later get a pack, I wasn't ready. YOU have to be ready. Not Kal, not everyone Right now it's your de-stressor, you just said that. If you took that away, you'd have nothing to get away & be alone & have something take away that "stress"...right? Now I am not telling you to smoke either but you know what I mean. Until you replace your existing habit w/ another that is healthier that is just as fulfilling, you wont want to quit. I know that, I had to have the same. It's when YOU and ONLY YOU are ready. Don't force something on yourself that you aren't wanting or ready for. And don't put yourself down for trying & "failing"... we all stumble every now & then. That's okay, that's why we have friends who kick us in the bum & tell us to get up. Right?

You'll do it when you're ready. And when you are, we'll be here for you.

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