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February 17th, 2006, 09:14 AM
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first congrats on the BFP....

second how far along are you? I have to be honest and say that if the HCG does not start to get higher then things MAY not go so well...not that they won't...but its just tell tale.....I had HCG 11 at 4 weeks and the emergency room doc told me it should have been approaching the hungreds and sure enough I m/c....

Then again some women just never get really high hcg #'s....and maybe you just found out ultra early (((HUGS))) I understand your caution. When are you getting the hcg tested again...that can tell you how its going, even if its low if it doubles than things are looking up....

Good luck, I am pulling for a healthy pregnancy!!!

What do you know about DH's problem? What are the odds?

Take it easy and enjoy the pregnancy, I know that sounds hard but the more stress you are under worrying and trying not to embrace the pregnancy is adverse to a healthy experience...Good luck hun, I really hope things work out.

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