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January 12th, 2009, 06:47 AM
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Again, I would have to disagree with Chantelle. All situations vary of course, but there is no reason why a step-parent cannot fill the roll of parent in their household.

There are bio-parents in this world that treat their children like pawns in a game. Whether the reason be revenge or manipulation...who knows why. My life would be much easier if I stepped back and let the situation go.[/b]
It's fine to disagree with "ME" but at least quote my comments on what you disagree about, because from the above comment I just quoted, it actually sounds like you agree with most of what I said.

Blended families, they are all different, they are blended, no two are the same.

Any ways... the point is... every situation is different, per above we all know that. And, unless DH wants to really press the issue w/ the bio-mom, then stepping out of boundaries isn't something any one should do (i.e., visitation, custody), but when it comes to a child being in YOUR home, that's different, you have the child in YOUR home, they need rules, and you can enforce those rules if you want too & DH agrees that you can do so.

The whole exchange of the child, weekends, holidays, etc., is between the bio-parents, not step-parent, unless it's stated in the divorce agreement, period. Which if your DH/SO of DF wants to get the courts to modify his current court order to have you (the step-parent, meaning, you must be married, no court will care on if or when you are planning on marriage, you must be married), added in as a person of say to the child in question, your DSS or DSD, then & only then do you have legal say in the child's legal custody or rights. But again, when the child is in your home, even if you are NOT married, you have a right to enforce your rules as you see fit as long as you & your DH/SO/DF have agreed that these are the "house rules"....

Yes, some bio-parents like to use their children as a game. It's sad, but it's reality.


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