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January 12th, 2009, 07:55 AM
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Can you get me the name of the midwife that will do a HBAC. From my research with Evie I found the law in NJ to say you can't do a HBAC, but of she is willing, so am I!

Also, I remember seeing on the Tricare benefits sheet with Evie (she is 8 months) that is was covered, but when I looked the other day it didn't say that anymore. I guess either they updated the web-site and didn't feel a need to put it on there, or they don't cover it anymore [/b]

Hmmmm..... if you can't homebirth with Tricare, then it is a very recent change.

Here is the info on a traveling midwife who will take Tricare.

You're right - there is a law in NJ that prohibits midwives from attending hbacs. A midwife in NJ can lose her license over this. However, if a midwife is NOT licensed in NJ, what can NJ do?

Here is some more information on traveling midwives who might be willing to assist.

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