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January 12th, 2009, 12:08 PM
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I agree that every situation is different. I see no reason why the bio dad can't & shouldn't have the child's medical card. And can be completely capable of taking care of a sick child.

I also think books are a good idea. Knowledge is power kwim. However, it's 1 sided knowledge. If the ex is bound & determine to cause problems, no book is going to help. I learned from experience that dealing rationally with an irrational person is impossible.[/b]
Couldn't agree w/ that more, some people are just miserable no matter what you do. All the counseling & books wont do anything, they are just there to be miserable & make everyone else miserable. I've BTDT as well.

Father's do great jobs w/ their kids too, I know some that do better jobs actually. Unfortunately, there are some that are oblivious & don't do as "good" of a job. Men can be oblivious to a routine w/ medical needs, especially if a child is medically challenged & requires more than just some Tylenol. I know I am constantly the one is telling my DH "did you give DSS his Rx yet?" he ALWAYS forgets, and I mean ALWAYS..never, ever remembers. It's nuts. He doesn't do it on purpose but he just does. If I weren't around he wouldn't give the kid his meds at all.

Thankfully, when my DSS is around, I am here too...

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