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February 17th, 2006, 02:54 PM
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i use to see his daughter once in a while(before his crazy exgirlfriend started keeping her from him) but most of the time i would just stay home and wait for him to drop her off..shes a really sweet girl and a funny one to be around..if we were ever together we were outsomewheres else because i still live with my grandparents...his ex girlfriend shes a different story!...she calls me his "statutory" girlfriend..we do have a big age gap between us a good 15 years..(but honestly it doesnt bother me at all..i love this guy to death..wonder if he knows that!)i feel bad sometimes but im sorta the reason why they arnt together..thanks a bunch for the book info!! ....he thinks he has it so hard..heck i have to take a year off of school to be with our baby(which i dont mind) but its weird because girls that i use to go to school with are like "you were top in your class never thought u end up knocked up" or "i thought you would be to busy with school to even have a boyfriend to have a baby" boy does that get annoying! .if i was able to change things id be more careful to make sure id never got pregnant if i new he was going to act like how are things going for you? any problems with your boyfriends mother? i have been following what u post..i hope she comes or came around for u!...once again thanks a bunch!

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