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February 17th, 2006, 04:36 PM
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I had just decided to switch us to Vonage for phone service. I am in the middle of my service being transferred. It could take up to 14 days for our old phone number to transferr over they said. They gave me a temp number to use while transferr is taking place. I was getting angry with SBC. They keep nickle and diming us for stuff. I don't use long distance maybe very rarely. So I drop AT andT long distance. Did not want a long distance provider. SBC said well with them there is no monthly fee for long distance. It's like 10cents a minute in the US. Now I see some service fee for long distance of 2$. All I got is basic service with a voicemail. I have no caller ID or call waiting etc. I pay 35$ and some odd cents a month. We barely make any calls to anyone. People call us but not that much. Vonage was 24.99$ a month for unlimited local and long distance service in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. I get voice mail, Caller ID and all the those features I paid through the nose for at SBC. Of course our son got mad at me for the change. Says well that will mess up the internet. I said I was told no it won't. Kept on me Your stupid for changing. Well I am doing what I can to cut back on how much I pay on our regular monthly living expenses.
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