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January 14th, 2009, 08:51 AM
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I started taking Savannah in to the doc. when her belly started to stick out... but she wasn't eating much.. That was around one year I took her in complaining of her eating habits, her lack of weight gain, etc.... probably every 2-3 months untill the following happened. I kept being told that she was fine and just small in nature. She wasn't diagnosed with 'Failure to Thrive' untill she went lathargic and I rushed her into the ER at age 2yrs and 3 months, she was 21lbs and loosing, while in the hospital she got down to 19lbs. She has kept this diagnoisis since that day (re-diagnosed every time we visit the GI).

I had a doc. in the ER (after she was diagnosed) say to me that a child doesn't 'stay' 'failure to thrive', so I made a point to make sure everytime that I get the GI to tell me and write down his current diagnosis of her condition. It aggervates me that docotors are so put out about a child being considered failure to thrive. It makes me want to yell in their faces, saying ' you don't consider only eating 300cal a day or less failure to thrive'? People including some doctors think you can just force 700-800 more cal. down a childs throat, it just doesn't work like that. (well Savannah does now take 700+ cal a day through pediasure)

Sorry to go on and on... its just still a sore subject for me.

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