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January 15th, 2009, 09:19 PM
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My inlaws are out right mean to me... My MIL telle me things along the line... "You're going to kill your daughter cause you don't cut the hot dogs up small enough" or "This diaper looks like the dog put it on"... I mean thos are actual examples. Not the end of the world, but they irk me. They have a few then they sit around and tell DH how evil I am. ALL THE TIME then they pretend to be "nice-ish" to me. I've never done ANYTHING to his father, but he hates me too. DH always says it's all me. I can't get him on my team about this. DH and I are having probs, so I told him to show him how hard I'm willing to work on "us" I'll talk to your folks, see what I'm doing wrong and work on it.

So I went to "apologize" today. I was just getting madder at the situation (I seriously go out of my way to be nice to these horrible people). So I get there and fully intend on listening to her go off on me and apologizing blankly just to make DH happy. I tell her "I need to know what I do that makes you and Wayne hate me"... Her response "You want the truth?" Seriously?? No I'm here to have you lie to me...

Anyways wanna know why Chris' dad hates me?? Cause one night he got really drunk, said some HORRIBLE things to me (I'm a stuck up b**** who doesn't deserve his kid and he'd tell me what he thinks of me but it's too bad for even him to say it, etc for HOURS).he hates me cause he doesn't remember what he said to me in that fight but the fact that his brother and his mom took my side is enouugh to hold it all against me. He was too drunk to remember what he said (I'm not a big drinker, so I was very sober). That's what he's holding onto... that's why he's saying terrible things about me to DH... cause he was wrong?? ef that!

She's mad at me get this... Apparently when she complained on a DAILY basis to me about having to make Dh's dad happy by sitting on the porch with him for hours, and I said that she could always start dinner and tell him that she's busy. I'M TRYING TO BREAK THEM UP AND CAUSE A FIGHT... Seriously?? If you want to do it than stop complaining, if you don't want to I was offering a way out. She said that the "talks" on the porch never happened (you know the ones with one too many, where I grow horns)... Yea cause Dh is going to LIE to me so that I dislike his parents more!!! Also I can no longer talk about anything that my family gets Carrie, apparently by talking about the nice things my family gets her, i'm saying that what his family gets her isn't good enough.I even asked if I talked down about something they gave her, or acted displeased with anythign that she got Carrie ever... answers to both questions are NO. So I did NOTHIGN wrong except talk about my family. I understand that they can't afford the same kinds of things, but I've been appreciative for everything she's received.

She ADMITTED to telling me mean things, admitted that some thigns she said she knew were catty and agreed me with almost everythign I told her I had issues with. Not one apology in 2 hours!! I didn't go there expecting one, but if you say. Yes, I said that, I knew at the time that it was catty... shouldn't you express regret for saying it?? Apparently not. She also informed me that she can treat me however she wants if she feels that her son isn't being treated how she wants...

He always thinks that I take what they say wrong or somethign to that effect. How do I get him to listen to me. They don't say this crap in front of him (except the hot dog thing) and then he insisted it was "misunderstood"... GRRRRRR

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