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January 15th, 2009, 11:22 PM
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Hi & Welcome to the board! I'm Ashley! I am expecting my first little one (a baby boy) at the end of March! It's good to have you here! First of all I'd like to say I love your boys' room so far.. I love the wall colors! As far as the clouds go... I had clouds in my room years ago when I was younger (they were on the ceiling) and I know my mom hired an "artist" to come and paint them. She used sponges to do the clouds. They do look a lot more puffy & "life-like" when you sponge them on and it's hard to mess up clouds because you can just keep going over it to get the shape/size you want. You could google "how to paint clouds on walls" or something similar and see if they have any techniques you might be interested in using. As for the hardwood/carpet decision.. I think that's truly a personal decision as to what you like best. You could always put a big rug in the middle of the floor that matches your sons' room if you wanted them to have an area to play on. Hard wood always makes clean-ups a lot easier when something is spilled on the floor. We have hardwood on the majority of our floor downstairs and I don't notice it making the room seem colder or anything and I'm not one to wear socks, so I don't think that'd be a big deal. Good luck with the decision making on that! I hope you will stick around and post pictures of your sons' room after it's completed!

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