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March 18th, 2005, 08:13 AM
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CHACE MATTHEW---okay, but I like it spelled Chase
CHANCEY MATTHEW-- sounds like you took a chance or something?
DAWSON MATTHEW- too much. Either a shorter first or middle name...
GAVIN MATTHEW- this ones good.
GRAM MATTHEW- ehh so so
HARLEN MATTHEW-- this one and the next one do sound too much like Harley Davidson
HOLDEN MATTHEW--- I don't know... this one's okay..

I think Chance Matthew sounds good, but I for whatever reason, have an issue naming a kid Chance because it's like you took a chance, spun the wheel, and that's the name you got, ya know? lol.

How about the Gavin Matthew? Or Chandler Matthew? Depends what last name...
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