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January 16th, 2009, 07:34 PM
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a quick intro to my situation because I might stop by from time to time. Back in October, I started getting what I now realize is Raynaud's phenomenon. Fingers going numb, then getting cold, then the tissue at the end dying. I've had at least one finger in massive pain since then, although it's moved from finger to finger. (Oh, and crippling fatigue, although I had just assumed I wasn't getting enough sleep).

Anyway, finally got a blood test a week or so ago and I was postive for ANA. The doc ordered a more specific set of tests for antibodies, because he's suspecting scleroderma (he's not thinking lupus because I was negative for some other test they do for lupus, can't remember what it's called). Anyways, I'm partly nervous and partly just trying not to worry until there's something to truly be worried about. Because I know for a fact I've got high levels of anti-thyroid antibodies (even though my thyroid hormones are in the proper range through medications). So I'm hoping that's what's been affecting the ANA test, and that it isn't scleroderma after all, which sounds pretty nasty. The doc's referring me to a rheumatologist too.

Anyone else on this board have scleroderma? Or for any of you ladies with an auto-immune disorder, any words of advice at this time?

Thanks in advance.

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