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February 19th, 2006, 10:58 PM
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What are the symptoms of a baby not tolerating a first food?

Emery had squash (4 days in a row) and loved them and did wonderfully.

Then Carrots . . . the first day he got fussy that night, highly unusual for him. I skipped the next day just because he was sleepy and we never got to it. Then the next day he ate half a jar...a couple hours later he was fussy. Teething? Yes, but he didnít feel better with Tylenol. So this time I skipped a day on purpose. Today he munched almost a whole jar. About 2 hours later he got so fussy...all day...all night. Of course there would be 100 reasons for his fussiness, but I donít want to try again.

Could this be an intolerance to carrots?

Thanks so much for info


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