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January 18th, 2009, 11:29 AM
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When you think of your DH as a Daddy, what do you imagine? I think he's going to be a wonderful dad-very attentive and involved in every part of their lives-from birth on up. I've seen him with my good friend's son and he's wonderful The little boy is 18 months old and DH plays with him whenever we are over there. He's probably more comfortable around babies/toddlers than I am!

What do you think will be your DH's strong points, and where will he struggle (as a new dad)? Strong points: DH is, for the most part, very cool headed...he won't freak out like I will when the baby is crying and won't stop. He's also very patient. I think he's going to really look forward to when the baby is older and he can do all sorts of projects with him/her (building an engine, etc.).

As for weak points-I'm just not really sure yet. Maybe with all the additional laundry and cleaning up after baby-he may try to avoid that

What are you looking forward to seeing most between your DH and your little bundle of joy? I think the thing I visualize over and over again is the look on dh's face when he sees and holds our child for the first time
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