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January 18th, 2009, 11:31 AM
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When you think of your DH as a Daddy, what do you imagine? I know from experience that his face is going to light up everytime he looks at our little one I can't wait! When I had the boys, his face glowed with pride and love for our little guys even though our situation was so grim!

What do you think will be your DH's strong points, and where will he struggle (as a new dad)? I think he's going to be great about "entertaining" the baby while I'm "busy" cleaning and doing other things.....but I don't think he'll be good about changing diapers or getting up in the middle of the night

What are you looking forward to seeing most between your DH and your little bundle of joy? After I had the boys, DH was with the nurse the ENTIRE time as they took pictures of the boys and got them all situated on the blanket to come see me I remember watching him touch the babies and he was just so gentle with their fragile little bodies...he kept telling me how perfect they were and I remember thinking "what an incredible thing for a broken hearted daddy to say" just melted my heart to see him in that moment with our angels....When we have our healthy babies, I'm just looking forward to seeing him interact with them and if we have more boys, I can't wait to watch him coach their baseball team and all that other good daddy stuff

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