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January 18th, 2009, 02:29 PM
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When you think of your DH as a Daddy, what do you imagine?

Well, my DH is already a daddy---he has a 6 yr old son and then I have my 6 yr old DD who he raises as his own--her dad has seen her ONE time, and that was 6 yrs ago! He is a really great dad---totally fun and games---kind of a softie when it comes to anything discipline related, which can be ANNOYING but is also so sweet.

What do you think will be your DH's strong points, and where will he struggle (as a new dad)?

I know he is SO excited to have a BABY again....he seriously oohs and aahs over babies of our friends, or when we go out and see them at restaurants, etc. He is totally smitten with them and is always telling me he can't WAIT to have that experience all over again. I think we will BOTH struggle with the sleepless nights---with two elementary school age kids, we are pretty well used to being able to SLEEP through the night. So that will be a shock to both of us!

What are you looking forward to seeing most between your DH and your little bundle of joy?

I am looking forward to seeing a dad in action with a baby. I was not with my DD's father when she was born and he was never around---it was me by myself. So seeing a daddy bond with his baby is just so thrilling for me to imagine!
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