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January 18th, 2009, 03:14 PM
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Okay, just reading this topic made me misty-eyed!

When you think of your DH as a Daddy, what do you imagine? I always picture him with our kids when they are a little older...teaching them things like tying their shoes, throwing a ball, building with blocks, etc.

What do you think will be your DH's strong points, and where will he struggle (as a new dad)? I think DH's strong points will definitely be in the teaching aspect of things...DH will love to show our kids how to do things and how the world works. I think he'll be great at helping with homework and with their extra-curricular activities. I also think he'll be great with discipline. We seem to have the same basic philosophy about how to raise our kids, so I think it will be a good team effort!

Where will DH struggle? Probably in the emotional areas...if the kids have their feelings hurt or they are in need of emotional guidance/care I don't think DH will even recognize that. I also think that it will be hard for DH to share me with the will be really tough for him to realize that I can't just jump up and do something for him if I'm feeding our child.

What are you looking forward to seeing most between your DH and your little bundle of joy? I just can't wait to have DH hold our baby and see parts of each of eyes, his lips...I think it will be so awesome for him to see that God took little pieces from each of us to make a perfect little child for us. I think that will make this whole crazy journey so worth it.

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