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January 18th, 2009, 04:38 PM
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When you think of your DH as a Daddy, what do you imagine?

I have no doubt he will be EVERYTHING I dream about in a father. He is so great with our friends kids!

What do you think will be your DH's strong points, and where will he struggle (as a new dad)?

Strong points = I think that he will be very sensitive and caring and super nuturing. Weak Points = He WORRIES about everything. I'm more of a carefree person and he likes to worry about every little thing and that might drive me nuts... we'll see.

What are you looking forward to seeing most between your DH and your little bundle of joy?

I just want to give him the family that he wants and so deserves. I hope that someday I can make those wishes come true for the both of us!

Yet another wonderful siggy by HeatherW.... thank you so much!!!

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