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January 19th, 2009, 09:06 AM
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Isabella - Way too popular for me.
Shelby - I like it but probably wouldn't use it.
Shannon - Too dated.
Rosalie - Don't like.
Erin - No, too dated.
Faith - I don't like it at all.
Willow - Love.
Bethany - Alright.
Cadence - Like, but couldn't use because a friend just used it for her daughter.
Grace - I don't like it at all.
Sadie - Cute.
Zoe - Cute.
Olivia - I like this as a MN.
Farrah - No.
Liliana - Way too popular, along with any Lily name.
Elizabeth - I like this as a MN.
Elsie - Don't like.
Talia - Not my style.
Mattea - Not my style at all.
Eloise - Cute-ish. I think I only like it because of the movies.
Amara - Nah.
Delaney - Love.
Cara - Don't like.
Naomi - Don't like.

Brock - Don't like at all. Brock - Lee.
Alexander - Too common.
Cole - To common.
Griffin - Love.
Ryan - Maybe as a MN.
Wyatt - Ok.
Paul - Too dated.
Christopher - WAY too common.
Matteo - Nah.
Sawyer - Cute but not for me!
Joshua - Nope.
Conner - Overdone.
Colin - Overdone.
Rhys - No.
Atticus - LOVE.
Landon - Adorable.
Dawson - Love.
Rhett - Cute but wouldn't use.
Zachary - One of my fave "normal" names.
Nolan - Ok.
Grant - No.
Clayton - Too southern sounding for me.
Hunter - STRONGLY dislike!
Tobias - Ok for somene else.
Harrison - Good for Harrison Ford.
Liam - Cute.
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