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January 19th, 2009, 07:31 PM
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No problem. Why is it always the people that are such a pains in the behind that we miss the most??? Probably because they are the only ones that are ever honest enough to speak the absolute truth!!! The truth is sometimes hard to hear, but it sure makes sense when you need it.

You can know that your mom is there with you when you hear her voice in your head. It is that nagging little voice that gets louder and louder each time you ignore it. You are so blessed to have had a mother that would speak the truth to you. So many people go through life being told what they want to hear. But the beatuiful part is that your mom is right- give the fight to God and your troubles will be taken care of.

I hope you have a great evening and a healthy pregnancy!!! I will be thinking about you!!!


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