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January 19th, 2009, 08:51 PM
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hey there! I don't have Scleroderma, infact i know little about it. HUGS! I think the diagnostic period was one of the hardest times for me - not knowing really with all the possibilities. They also did the ANA test for me first - which slims down the possibilities as far as "horses" but opens up all the "Zebra" ones. Take it a day at a time and an appointment at a time! It's great that you are being referred to a rheumatologist - mine really helped me out a lot not only with diagnosis but really letting me (and you) know about what is the process that is going on and things to do about it. I know it's nerve racking. Remember to be your own advocate - i've had some pushy doctors. If it's hard for you get someone to come with you to your appointments - sometimes just having support is nice especially in the diagnostic period. Best of luck to you that they figure out what is going on quickly!!!!
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