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January 20th, 2009, 01:49 AM
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I also had the problem of my DH siding with his mom. Well i considered it siding. He would say he knows she can be difficult etc. but almost saying that that was the way it was and i shouldnt take it seriously. I mean come on, just because she treated me badly, i had to siuck it up????

well, eventually i did seem like i sucked it up and pretty much avoided getting into any confrontational scenarios. I knew for a fact that she said things to rile me up. So i made a point of blocking myself and acting nonchalant. eventaully she got tired of getting no reaction and sometimes other ppl would look at her at raise eyebrows. Thing is when i went all upset she looked all calm and innocent. so when i started doing it (honestly they are the greatest teachers in methods to deal with them lol), she landed up starting to look like the b&^%H and she didnt like that so she started behaiving.

I will never forget how she treated me and i wont get baited any longer.....but i will never be close to her.

in fact, she has now started baiting my SIL (also married to her other son) and now, it is funny, i have started standing up for my questioning her snippy comments. Its great as she cant bait me and now i can make her look further stupid by questioning her publicly with others issues.... so she cant then turn to target me....

its almost like i am training a wild horse....its slow and sometimes frustrating, but the results are better than falling down from her critism.

i will never get the MIL i wanted, but i am making the best of a bad situation.

the reality is, i am shagging her son. who, at the end of the day, is going to give him more pleasure????

and thats when the loyalties will slowly start changing to you....its not a decision your DH can take immediately, but you have to wean him off her and over to you......
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