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September 7th, 2004, 11:01 AM
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Holy moly, 5 kids!!! Are they ALL yours? Or does your DH/SO have children from previous relationships???

They're all mine. Shaun was born Janurary 2, 2001, and died Janurary 5th 2001. Laqueta turned 2 years old on May 18th of this year, Kylen is 9 months old tomorrow(9-8-04) he will turn one year old 12-8-04, and my newest arrivals, Joshua & Jeffery are twin boys, born 7-27-04, they are 5 weeks old. The twins were born 8 weeks early(if your trying to figure out how theyre a month old and Kylen is only 9 months old lol), they were due September 29th 2004. They are all my husband & I's children. We were married February 14th of this year. And when the boys get to be a little bit bigger( around 6mos-1 year) we are going to start trying for another baby. I dont wanna wait that long, but due to the stress that I'm put under with all 4 of my children running around now, I decided that it would be better to wait. Stuart is gone from 7am to aorund 6 pm, so I'm at home by myself with the kids(i"m a sahm) so it's hell, and I couldn't handle another baby around this house right now, as badly as I want to be pregnant. lol. But yeah, they're all mine & hubbys. No step children here.
Wife to:
Mother to:
Shaun Michael 1-02-01--1-05-01
Laqueta Lecole 5-18-02
Kylen Blaine 12-08-03
Joshua Evan &
Jeffery Ethen 7-27-04
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