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January 21st, 2009, 08:28 AM
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I had my 36 week appointment yesterday(after forgetting on Monday)I'm 168, which explains why my hips and ligaments are seriously hurting to the point I can hardly walk.

I have to go in to get an u/s for Cody's size, we could be looking at a 10#, God help me Wesley is our heaviest at 9#. I just pray that the epi works if Cody is that big. I have to get it done at the hospital since I'm high risk(kidney stents)

The good news is I'm already 2cm, only 7cm to go. Yeah I can pop a baby out at 9cm with no problems So in a week I've gone up 1cm.

As much as I love feeling Cody move, sometimes it just plain hurts. I swear he is just feet, knees and elbows lol.

Right now Emma is home sick from school, Zach has a crusty nose, a few of the other kids have running noses. We of course are invited to my neice's 3rd birthday party Saturday, so I've been pushing the water and OJ trying to get them feeling better. I just hope I don't get sick. One of my fears has always been being sick and trying to give birth with a stuffed up nose UGH!

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