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January 21st, 2009, 03:39 PM
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So... i need to rant

me and my bf started dating in sept/08. we talked on the phone everyday and hung out most weekends.
he even stayed with me for 2 weeks while i house sat in early november.
december 15th i find out im pregnant, we spent a load of time together and by the end of the holidays, im ready for some space.
so i spend a weekend or 2 alone, seeing him maybe once a week.
ive been working on getting a new job and clearing out my grandmothers old apartment to move into soon.
i dont call him, except to tell him i got the new job. then i get this email him telling me he feels like im making too many decisions without him, that im leaving him out, and that he looks at me as his basically life partner now and wants to include me in all his decisions and wants in on my business.... im just like, im not ready to be a wife...i dont know what i want in 3 years.
it feels like hes condeming me or making me a wife because im preggo.
its getting to the point that the more he talks to me or wants to be around, the more i want to be a single mom.

am i being unfair to ask for space?

should i play good house wife to him because hes the father of my baby?

i just dont want to rush into anything that mght be wrong, what if were not meant for each other?

does anyone else get this way?

Thank you Graysmama!!
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