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January 21st, 2009, 08:07 PM
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Thanks for the replies! I have part of the blood test back - my anti-thyroid hormones are 418 (supposed to be <35). But they started over 1000 about 2 years ago, so they're going the right way. And I don't have any proteins in my urine, which the doc said means there's no significant organ involvement, which is good. But I still don't know what I've got, yet.

Found out also that back in 2000, I had a positive ANA test with a titre of 1:320. Don't know what the fluorescent pattern was. They didn't diagnose me with anything then because there were no other symptoms other than fatigue, and I was taking some meds which they said could affect the result. But I wonder if something was going on back then already. The titre this time was 1:640 with a speckled/nucleolar pattern, which is I guess why he's thinking scleroderma.

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