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January 22nd, 2009, 02:05 PM
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Your child is his child too. I hate to sound harsh, but I do feel like you are being selfish. My DH was raised by a single mom. He slept with a woman he had only known for a few months. He was called a month later and informed that she was pg. She didn't expect anything from him. He ended up marrying her (her 2nd divorce had stated that only spouse or family could live in the house with her and her 2 kids). He stuck thru 2 yrs of a hellish marriage trying to make a family for his DD. Now, no matter what, he is attached to his ex because of his DD. He will ALWAYS have to deal with her crap.

I find it mean that women take such liberties just because the baby is in their body. That child is half his. He has every right to be in its life. You don't have to ask his permission. Make your decisions and inform him. If he had custody of your child and he decided to move without telling you, would you be upset? Maybe that is why people get pg after knowing someone for a while. Figure out if you can be attached to that person for 18 yrs on a regular basis and less regular from then on.

Let's not forget that fathers have rights too.

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