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January 23rd, 2009, 07:20 PM
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1:640 is a high titre. my highest titre so far has been a 1:320. i also have had a speckled pattern also. for a fine speckled pattern the diagnosis rate for sjogren's syndrome is 95%, sle 40$ and scleroderma is only 5%.

have you had any other tests done? (anti - ro, anti la, anti dsdna?)[/b]
I'm not sure what the percentage is, but a nucleolar pattern, which I had as well as the speckled, can also mean scleroderma (but I'd have to look again to see if there are any other conditions that match with that - I'll check out your link - thanks for that!). All I was tested for further was (still waiting for full results) for the scleroderma-70 antibodies, anti-centromere antibodies (which also has to do with scleroderma but a more limited type), and protein electrophoresis (I think that was the term, can't quite remember). But none of the others you're mentioning.

But he's referring me to a rheumatologist, so if it's not pointing towards scleroderma specifically, I'll explore it further with the specialist in the field.

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